Néant Glass x RRM Lavender Coffin Rosary Style Necklace

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Elegant rosary-style necklace with natural gemstone beads and hand-cut glass coffin. Exclusive to RRM the Néant Glass lavender collection features fine dried lavender in a silver and glass coffin setting!

Each necklace is assembled on a 24+3 inch natural gemstone and sterling silver chain.  The coffins are hand-cut from carefully selected glass and measure 2 inches long by just over an inch wide.

All stained glass jewellery items are hypo-allergenic and are created without any use of harmful chemicals or materials, such as lead (commonly found in stained glass). The solder is 100% hypoallergenic silver alloy mix, and connectors are sterling-silver plated US-cast fine pewter.

Please note that each item is a one of a kind and will have slight variations in sizing and colours as they’re each hand-cut from unique pieces of glass.