PREORDER Heirloom Rose Jumper Skirt

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A homegrown not-so-basics oldschool "basics" range. 

Made from local, sustainably sourced materials and in a UK-based factory, the Heirloom Rose jumper-skirt is finally available to order in 4 colourways and 4 size ranges (S-XL), and is fully shirred for the comfort of the wearer. It is designed with versatility in mind, meaning that it can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the individual wearer! The waist ties are also detachable!

Bringing you straight back to the streets of Harajuku in 2003, this jumperskirt is a must-have for any oldschooler hoping for a garment that they can enjoy for years to come!

  100% Cotton


 Preorder Information
Preorders run from October 8th to October 22nd. Expected lead time is 7 weeks after preorder period ends, expected delivery time December 10th. Please note that delivery times may vary due to changes in supply lines, and that final items may vary slightly from the pictured samples.

 Size chart (CM):

 size Bust waist hips
S 76-86 60-70 70-80
M 86-98 70-82 80-92
L 98-110 82-94 92-104
XL 110-122 94-106 104-116