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Hello all! Happy spring! Finally, the sunshine is here to wipe away all of the seasonal depression blues! And with the coming of springtime, we are proud to present Yume. 

What is YUME book?

YUME book is a collaborative print publication project focusing on the lifestyle side of EGL subculture rather than the actual fashion elements. Its purpose is to; bring together artists to create a physical product that is communally owned an beneficial to all creators involved, bring more variety to the lolita fashion publication market with solely lifestyle based content, encourage the resurgence of EGL subculture lifestyle elements. It is a project headed by the creators of R.R. Memorandum, and to be sold using our already existing platform, but won't be RRM branded content or our own product, being a communal effort.

Proposed timeline


Note that this timeline is simply a proposal; as a collaborative project we aim to let creator feedback drive the development of the final product, which includes adjusting actual date deadlines where necessary. It is not required for submissions during the initial submission period to be finished, as we accept proposals and drafts also, but upon acceptance you will be expected to finish your submission by the deadline.

Proposed payments scheme

As a collaborative effort we'd aim for YUME book to be collaboratively owned- each creator having their efforts divided into page sections, and each page garnering its own portion of the profits for its creators. Once the mook is on sale, a payment schedule is to be set up for each creator to receive their portion of the book's profits (less printing and other costs) sent to them on a regular basis. At this time we're unable to offer any upfront payment which is less than ideal; in future, if the project becomes viable, a more advantageous agreement for creators would be a development we'd be looking to aim for. Sales metrics will be provided to participants for transparency, and paypal would be the payment method.

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