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After the rush of the first big collections being released in late 2021 and into 2022, with Royal Crown Valerie being the stand out identity-carving pieces that really gave the people that oldschool punk vibe they so desperately craved, 2023 was a bit of a soul searching year for Rose Red Memorandum. But it was fruitful with design innovation and lovely things. We had some really good releases last year and already from this year. 
So. Since January in this fashion community usually means one thing (a tradition dating back to ye olde days of LiveJournal EGL); the wardrobe post, we thought it was only to make one of our own.
Jeanette Recycled Denim Skirt
As at present we are involved with Bay Area Kei's Jeanuary - and here is what we made for it! With nuances of our Royal Crown Valerie/Jubilee Valerie collection, this new skirt dropped on our shop last week and sold out super quickly. It is such a perfect way to start off a punk EGL wardrobe, being equal parts elegant and edgy. 
Denim Collection: Bunny's Cafe Embroidery
 Next, another owed to Jeanuary, we thought it would be cool to highlight our nifty little denim collection we released in Spring/Summer 2023.
These cute, versatile garments feature the Bunny Cafe Embroidery design, and include a jacket in two colourways and a gorgeous tote, all oversize to allow the wearer comfort and the opportunity to customise. This gives an extra oldschool-y vibe to the collection. 
Violets For Charlotte
An exciting release for us was the Violets for Charlotte skirt and Charlotte's Garden Camisole Top and Headwear collection. Only three of these uniquely ribbon-embroidered skirts were made in total, and were inspired by the film Ammonite and the relationship depicted in it between Mary Anning and Charlotte Murchison. The Charlotte's Garden Camisole Top and Headwear were both also made small-batch and are a perfect addition to any oldschool EGL wardrobe.
Jubilee Valerie Collection
In September of 2023, we debuted our Jubilee Valerie collection on the catwalk and dealers hall at our first international event in Helsinki. This series was our crowning achievement of 2023, and we really adored being able to share it with the worldwide EGL community onstage, especially paired with pieces by Wirehead in collaboration for this event. 
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There is something about the way two kinds of tartan work together! Pure oldschool magic! Getting to collaborate with Wirehead was absolutely a dream come true.
Headwear One-Offs
2023 saw us release several more headpieces not connected to any collection we currently have - it is important to us to use that we use fabric cutoffs and deadstock laces to make one off pieces that always are very popular when they drop in the store. Those lucky few who snatch them up sure do have a unique piece in their accessories wardrobe. 
A moment of gratitude

We are continually blown away by the loyalty of our customer base and the support we receive on social media. Interacting with you at events is another highlight for us - we are super grateful to bring our vision to our customers and fans and get such a positive response every time. 

Let's continue this in 2024!


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