Regal Rose: R.R. Memorandum's first brand-run teaparty (Event Report)

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Several weeks ago (though it seems like MUCH longer ago to us), we finally celebrated the launch of both our new collections by throwing our first, elaborate and unforgettable event, Regal Rose. Admittedly, this event had been, like Raschel, been delayed by many, many months owing to Miss Rona. However, that bought us much more time to make it more elaborate than we could have imagined it would be!

Finally, October 3rd arrived, and so did we, at the Assembly House in rainy, blustery Norwich. We didn't let the weather dampen our spirits, though - rain makes the Rose grow more Regal, after all! 



Chaotic backstage happenings at Regal Rose 

For those of us who arrived before the guests - backstage was, as to be expected from such an event, chaotic! Having been fortunate enough to obtain an extra room to prepare for our fashion show in, our models and organisers worked tirelessly to ready to set up for the fashion show and pop-up shops, while the incredible Assembly House staff worked on food preparation of the glorious afternoon tea we all had ahead of us! 

 Designer Katherine Rose briefs the models before the fashion show!

Finally, at 1pm, the stage was set (and livestream was set up) and the time finally came to welcome everyone in to Regal Rose! 

The models queue, waiting to enter the Music Room to showcase their outfits!


The main stage...

The lovely Ophelia modelling our gorgeous Showstopper piece: Ribbon Rose Embroidery Two Piece Wedding Ensemble (Heirloom Rose special set)


After an introduction to the event, including a rundown of the itinerary, raffle prizes (which were some burando zakka, handmades from Fox and Rose Crafts and R.R.Memorandum Vouchers) and the explanation of various things within goodie bags (including scratch-card raffle tickets, a small personal tea-set, postcards designed by Theia, Katherine Rose and Sonia Leong, pre-shopping guides for our collections, itinerary for the day and tea by Hannah Sell), and a pleasant greeting to those gathering in the Music Room awaiting the fashion show, Lucy May welcomed our esteemed designer of R.R.Memorandum, Katherine Rose, to co-host the fashion show. 


Our fashion show featured not only our own new collections, but clothing and accessories designed by Violet Fane, Chrysanthemum's Concerto, Summertales Boutique, The Black Ribbon, Patisserie Pink, Belle Dreams, Bittersweet Bunny Atelier, Lab De Marveilles, Curiosity Cabinet Creations and Dearly Beloved! What a treat it was to see so many wonderful brands represented together on that runway, and to see the models showcase our new collections (including the gorgeous showpiece of the Rose Embroidery Two-Piece Heirloom Rose Special Set handmade by Katherine Rose and hand-embroidered by Hann Sucliffe)! After the showcase, Kath and Lu answered questions posed to them by the attendees!


Time for tea!

Afternoon tea? Yes please!


Following the showcase, we all settled in for some afternoon tea and a good, old chinwag - for there are no two things that lolitas love more, am I right? Such a glorious spread did the Assembly House put on - we were all absolutely aghast by the splender of the offerings! Pea and mint soup was the first course, followed by of course a fabulous afternoon tea spread suiting any and all dietary requirements, including scones, of course! Frilly chit chat! Having a wonderful time!


A Spot of Shopping?!

Attendees were, after afternoon tea, afforded the opportunity to shop, browse the collection samples which had been modelled, and of course to mingle and network! Available to purchase, alongside the preordering of our new collections, were items the brands afore mentioned partaking in the fashion show. We also sold our recently completed first mook, 'We Are Here', which was created to supplement our new collections and as a further showcasing opportunity for other brands alongside our own! 

Shopping opportunity! The frilly people queue to pay for their lacy goods!


A Busy Day! Please check out the footage taken by our friends!

Unfortunately, since we were a bit preoccupied running the event itself, we did not get to spend that much time actually enjoying spending time among our friends and supporters. However, if you would like to hear from more individuals who attended our event, I highly suggest you check out the following youtube videos by Victor Lockhart, Lou Graves and Embroidered Doll! We are SUPER GRATEFUL to these creators for documenting their experiences at our event where we could not do so properly ourselves! 


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