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If there's one design philosophy I currently have for R.R. Memorandum, it's what I'd call the 'meta dress principle'. Last year, I bought a Metamorphose Temps De Fille babydoll bouquet OP from Closet Child in Shinjuku, thinking it was pretty nice. When I got back to our hotel, I looked it up on lolibrary and found it was from 1999!


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What a fine day to pretend it's 1999 and the world hasn't ended 10 times over before you hit 30 Got these shoes secondhand the other day to do an old school boy style coord with, but pairing them with this OP gives me big Mitsukazu Mihara vibes ^^ OP: Metamorphose temps de fille ~ headdress, bloomers: handmade ~ shoes: Underground ~ parasol: Baby, the stars shine bright #ootd #egl #eglfashion #classiclolita #kawaii #kawaiifashion #jfash #jfashion #japanesefashion #handmade #handmadelolita #oldschoollolita #girlism #undergroundshoes #vintage #metamorphosetempsdefille #meta #btssb #babythestarsshinebright #sharpeisofinstagram #sharpei #Rollyboi #doggo #petsofinstagram #ロリータ #ロリータファッション #スイートロリータ #かわいい #かわいいファッション #コード

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Since then, it's become one of my most worn pieces. Why? Because its comfortable, suitable for most any activity in my relatively sedate lifestyle lolita world, and undeniably beautiful even with minimal styling. This is what I wear when I'm tired and don't know what to wear. Also, for a 20 year old piece it is great condition and shows no sign of giving up soon!

Currently, I'd like to design clothes for RRM following the same principle. admittedly, its happening a lot slower than I'd hoped, being its just me making everything! This stock update is a big step towards that goal though, I think. I want to make clothes suitable for any body, that can just be thrown on and yet bring the wearer joy in their appearance. After all, it's a rare thing these days to loo in the mirror and like what you see, but I believe that fashion has- on the personal level- the power to do just that.

In this update, much anticipated skirts are here! Their fully shirred waistband means they can be slipped on to any outfit with minimal fuss. Having had a body that had rapidly changed over the past couple of years (like most people!), I value clothes that adapt to your body, not having to adapt your body to the clothes. The design also serves this purpose! The cotton lace trim and ruffle is a classic and timeless aesthetic that can be dressed up or down, in high quality materials that bring texture into an outfit.

Also in the update are various accessories for you to check out, and a cutsew and tote bag from our new summer strawberry selection of print-on-demand goods!


In an exciting Recommendation, check out our first brand collaboration (hopefully of many!). The ever fabulous Lou Graves has especially designed these enamel pins and cross necklaces for RRM!


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