What is R.R. Memorandum?

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Hello, and welcome to the R.R. Memorandum blog! Its been a long time coming, admittedly when you’re just one woman and her dog running a new lolita fashion brand your time tends to be taken up with other matters very quickly! Today we will answer the question- what is R.R. Memorandum?


Rose Red Memorandum

Memory of an elegant spirit

In minimal terms, R.R. Memorandum is a new lolita fashion brand based out of the UK. We sell handmade goods, currently bloomers and accessories, as well as a selection of print-on-demand goods, though our range is soon to expand to include more clothing. But what is it, really? The theme of the brand is nostalgic lolita fashion, producing designs inspired by the old school period of 1999-2004. We seek to use quality materials authentic to this time period, and capture, while not copying, the design spirit of that time.

Why old school, though? Old school lolita is certainly popular right now, but on a personal note, I love what it represents. The women who started lolita fashion did an amazing thing- completely reject the male gaze, yet become radically visible. To wear lolita is to demand a certain amount of space; physically in wearing a petticoat or carrying a parasol perhaps, and mentally in the minds of onlookers. Lolita is the re-appropriation of opulence as something to claim personal happiness, rather than an external signifier of class. The lifestyle that lolita aspires to utilises extravagance and beauty to cope with the less beautiful aspects of life, without denying them completely. Modern lolita is very beautiful in its own way, but the rise of OTT style as standard in the western community at least makes it more viable as special event wear, or costume in some cases. Old school represents a memorandum of a time when lolita was something you lived in your soul, and that manifested tangibly as the aesthetic. Of course, this is not to say that lifestyle lolita is dead, or that modern lolitas aren’t aware of the original ideals of the style, but to remind you, dear reader, that lolita is a radical way to exist.

I wish to design clothing that is comfortable, wearable for every day life, and a memorandum of the spirit that ushered in the style that we love so deeply.

In these early days, please look for our next restocks and be assured that big things are coming! And thank you all so much for your amazing support thus far! We’ve been absolutely blown away by the reception R.R. Memorandum has had in opening. The next wave of stock will be coming in the next week or so, exact date tbc. To keep up to date, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to the newsletter below!


  • I’m a huge fan of dogs, and when I discovered your brand I fell inlove with your whole image. Your pup really sealed the deal, Rolly is absolutely a heckn cutie, but your designs- oh my usakumya. I have been in the fashion for a small 5 years and been sweet through and through, but your pieces have really made me want to try out classic. I always felt honestly I couldn’t pull it off. Now that I’ve got a whole order with you I’m feeling confident in ordering other pieces and adding more classic coords/looks into my wardrobe. I eagerly await your next release. With much excite, Darlene.

    Darlene on

  • It’s wonderful to read about the idea behind the brand. I’m honestly a huge fan of old school and quite practical in my way of dressing and life, so the whole concept is wonderful to me.
    I’m still waiting for what i ordered to arrive, but I’m really excited to see how this brand will grow in the future. I wish you the best!

    Carolina on

  • Was great to read the ideas behind the brand. I look forward to seeing how the brand grows

    Jessica on

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