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I don’t know if I ever formally introduced myself here. I’m Lucy (but people call me Lu): and I am the primary blogger here at R.R. Memorandum. I am not the founder of this incredible brand. Katherine Rose (founder of the RRM company and designer-in-chief) and I met through our mutual friend online. Though I had been following Katherine’s fashion design journey for many years, it was our love of oldschool lolita that brought us together in collaboration.

From the beginning of R.R.Memorandum, it was always important to Kath to have a blog as part of the brand: especially as a way to connect our brand message to the hearts and minds of our customers and those who enjoy oldschool lolita fashion as much as we do. For us, it makes sense to return to blogging, not only during this difficult time for the EGL community (and society in general), but also in the spirit of oldschool lolita. Oldschool style precedes the era of social media use to gain cultural capital, and harkens from a less-hyperconnected world that was closer to analogue life than it is to what we have today. Although social media is very important in widely disseminating brand identity and connecting with others with immediacy, it is often hard to be able to express full meaning and sentiment through one image or even a 30 second video clip. One of our taglines here is ‘memory of an elegant spirit’, and for me there is something very elegant and romantic about writing long-form blogs. It’s a process of content creation that is not stunted necessarily by the need to heavily edit or manipulate pictures or videos, and is therefore able to flow from the creator more fluently and organically, without the worries of the extensive further processes. In other words, blogging feels like writing a love letter to this fashion for which we here at R.R.Memorandum have so much passion.

Within Katherine’s vision for R.R.Memorandum, there was always social justice and sustainability. In the creation of the garments, sourcing of materials and a keenness to help others, Katherine has made sure that this brand takes what we call a ‘rebellious spirit’ against everything the fashion industry in a wider sense currently is. We want to be vocal about saying ‘No’ to exploitation of people and to non-eco-friendly and unsustainable material sourcing practices. We want to help raise the voices of those who are being suppressed and unrepresented by the system, to allow them, too, to use this fashion as a rebellious vehicle towards real, palpable, systematic change. That too, friends, is why we blog.


  • Hi K :)

    Thank you for your comment – we are striving to do so as part of our future blogposts and content creation! We are really excited about this, as transparency is one of the major parts of how we as a brand strive to operate.
    Additionally, our lovely designer Katherine was interviewed in the Lace and Cupcakes podcast (linked below) and talked a lot about many of the topics you mentioned, which is something super exciting to already show the spirit of sustainability that is at the very heart of our brand <3

    Lucy May on

  • Honestly if you’re big on being eco-friendly, sustainable and non-exploitative I’d love more blogs with insight on the fabrics you choose, the design process, usage of sustainable materials and the like!

    K on

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