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Hello again all! We're so amazed and flattered by the number of excellent submissions we got for the artist's sections of our lifestyle lolita print project- YUME book. Even if you weren't accepted this time round, we hope you will join us again for future issues!

Today we'd like to reach out to our community once again- would you like to be featured in YUME but didn't have any artwork or writing to submit? We're looking to hear from you all with some more community focussed contributions- and you can get discounts from submitting yours!



We're looking for submissions of media recommendations, room decor photos, photos and information about your lifestyle lolita hobbies, and even pet photos! Here's some more info on how you can submit:


Media recommendations


What's your favourite media for lifestyle lolita? Do you incorporate music and video games into your frilly rituals? Are you constantly checking for the latest update from a lolita blog writer or online video creator? We want to hear about it! Simply send us a short description of your media recommendation, and if it's picked we will send you a 5% discount coupon for your copy of YUME volume 1!

Submit media recommendations via this form!

Lolita pet pictures
Is your pet just as stylish as you? We're looking photos of your lolita pets- they could be wearing an accessory, doing a lifestyle lolita activity, accompanying you in a full coord or just being their beautiful selves. If your submission is picked, you will receive a 10% discount for your copy of YUME volume 1!
Lifestyle lolita hobbies
Do you have a hobby that is just, quintessential lolita lifestyle? Send us a photo of you in a coord doing that hobby, or of the hobby itself, and tell us all about it! If your submission is picked, you will receive a 15% discount for your copy of YUME volume 1!
Lifestyle lolita room decor
We've all seen the cute lifestyle lolita rooms of years gone by featured in publications such as FRUiTS, but maybe you have one in your house, too? Maybe your lifestyle lolita room isn't even a bedroom, is it your living room, office, or perhaps dining room? Send us a picture of it (and maybe it could include you in it as a little bonus!), and tell us a bit about your decor style. If your submission is picked, you will receive a 15% discount for your copy of YUME volume 1!
Don't forget to hurry! This round of submissions closes on July 10th at midnight BST!


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