Royal Crown Valerie Cross Seam Trousers

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Made from local, sustainably sourced materials and in a UK-based factory, Royal Crown Valerie Cross-Seam Trousers are perfect for more masculine outfits! Inspired by the aesthetics of the punky side of old school, these trousers mean you can be comfortable in your style rebellion! Available in 2 colourways and 4 sizes (S-XL)! The straps are also detachable to change up the look! Would be perfect with some of our Print On Demand items, too, wouldn't they??

65% Polyester 35% Viscose

Size chart (CM):

 size Bust waist hips
S 76-86 60-70 70-80
M 86-98 70-82 80-92
L 98-110 82-94 92-104
XL 110-122 94-106 104-116